Haljoe Coaches, USA

Haljoe. We are an entertainer coach leasing company with a people-centered approach. Haljoe offers star, band, and crew coaches for tours a

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2014, 2015, and 2016 prevost X2’s and X3’s Coaches

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Spacious floor plans and a simple design.

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Got gear? no worries. our enclosed cargo trailers offer ample room for adding all the backline and merch you need on the road.

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Meet Our Team

President, serial perfectionist, and MacGyver. He runs the show and won’t stop till it’s perfect. He’s a visionary with a work ethic that is unmatched. Over the past 28 years Corey has worked at every level in the motor coach industry from mechanical engineering to managing large fleets. He has been involved in the design and engineering for one of the largest European manufacturer of motor coaches. He lives on Dunkin Donuts coffee and does literal donuts in his Subaru STI.
Haljoe’s Mr. Good Guy. Stephen is the man who fixes the stuff that gets broken and returns our coaches to their pre-tour status. He is also our customization guru and makes all the modifications on our coaches to meet our client’s unique needs. He also the guy who makes sure everyone gets lunch and that Max gets any leftovers. Stephen loves Christmas music and Disney World.
Loyal and determined. Donna has been with Haljoe for over 10 years. She is always there when you need her and is the person who makes sure all the important-though not-so-fun stuff gets done. Donna is an expert on Haljoe’s regulations and compliance reporting like IFTA and DOT Logs. She has a big goofy boxer dog and drives a silver Volkswagen Jetta.
Haljoe’s four-legged mascot. Max is always happy to see you and doesn’t have a tail he wags his whole body, unless you are the UPS delivery person, he’s not a fan of their uniforms. He can often be found burying and digging up random items around the shop. He enjoys daily massages and knows everyone’s routine. He is a pure loyalist to his owner Corey.